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  • UX/UI designer.


The need to have a platform where Resetear’s clients can use emotional self-regulation tools outside of the therapies and courses they take part in.


Resetear’s clients are upset that they cannot continue their emotional self-regulation activities outside of their therapies and courses and do not feel comfortable using other apps that do not have the language and attitude used in their therapies.

Research Approach

The app responds to Resetear’s goal of building client loyalty by offering them a platform for emotional self-regulation where they can continue with their personal work outside of the therapies and workshops offered by Resetear. At the same time, the app works as a window for new clients to make an appointment and join Resetear’s services. For this project, a survey was conducted with current clients between the ages of 21-32, who currently state they need an app for self-regulation.

Research Results

Empathy Map

User Persona & Scenario


To create an app with the tools that are necessary for self-regulation outside of therapy, mainly for their therapy clients, but that also helps to attract new clients, with videos, audios, mindfulness guided practices, interactive sessions and an emergency kit in case they are experiencing an emotional crisis.

Customer Journey


User Flow


UI Kit / Look & Feel

Colores & Iconos




First-Aid Emotional Kit