Case Study_ Redesign of Barbaros Smokehouse's Website


  • UX/UI Designer.

Before and After


There is a gap between the experience of going onto their website,  and the experience at the restaurant or on their social media which both have top quality. There is no correlation between these two phases of the user experience, because their website lacks of brand identity and does not reflect the high level of professionalism, quality and service that is experienced at the restaurant.


There is low customer loyalty and slow increase in bookings, due to the fact that their website does not reflect the level of quality that is reflected on their social media and at the restaurant.

Research Approach

In order to understand in-depth what happens at the restaurant, I first met with the stakeholders and workers of the restaurant, then I conducted a series of interviews with both new and recurring customers, in total there were 15 customers interviews, having 60% men, 40% women and between the ages: 30-60. 

Research Results

Empathy Map

User Persona & Scenario


Redeisgn their current website, for one that reflects the level of their food quality, service and identity of the restaurant being the first smokehouse in Valencia. Give a 360° degree experience from start to end, this will allow them to build loyalty quicker to their users and at the same time provide the same experience to users: from the first contact they make with the brand on social media, to when they go on the website to see the menu and make a reservation, to finally have the full experience at the restaurant.

Customer Journey


User Flow


UI Kit / Look & Feel

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype