Case Study_ Valencia Eagles


  • UX/UI Designer.


It is challenging for them to reach new audiences who want to try a new sport such as lacrosse in Valencia, whether they are locals or foreigners living there, because they lack of a website and therefore lack of presence on Google.


The growth of the club is slower, because they do not have a website that is present in Google searches made by locals and foreigners living in Valencia to find lacrosse or new sports in their city.

Research Approach

In order to understand the client’s pain points, I researched other lacrosse websites in Spain, I realized that they lacked of assertive communication and user friendliness, especially with foreign users despite having a considerable amount of them in their clubs. I then conducted a survey directed to all 21 Valencia’s team members and based on that data I proposed a youthful design, in both English and Spanish that responds to the communication needs of their users.

Research Results

Empathy Map

User Personas & Scenarios


A website that teaches what Lacrosse is, for those who don’t know, motivates them to try a training session and that at the same time offers the possibility to invite foreign players who are experienced in the sport and are currently living in Valencia. The website will be in Spanish and English in order to attract both types of users.

Customer Journey


User Flow


UI Kit/ Look & Feel

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype