Case Study_ Rodolfo Sotelo


  • UX/UI designer.
  • Web developer.


To take the next step in his personal brand and be able to take on larger projects. In order to achieve this, it is inevitable to have a website, which serves as a display of his photography work, brand identity, and at the same time as a contact platform for new clients.


Clients who contact Rodolfo on Instagram are upset that they do not have a link to his portfolio at their disposal.

Research Approach

Rodolfo Sotelo’s wish to have a website that responds to the needs of his current and potential clients already had an empathetic vision. This was reflected in the results of the surveys and interviews conducted, as his clients mentioned that they highly valued the friendliness of his service, before, during and after every photo session. This value was a pillar in the UI design of this website, without leaving aside the high quality and professional work of the photographer.

Research Results

Empathy Map

User Personas & Scenarios


The solution is to create a website that reflects his brand identity and that at the same time is very easy to navigate for his current and potential clients. Such a website will make it easy for users to get in contact with Rodolfo.

Customer Journey


User Flow


UI Kit & Look & Feel

Prototype Desktop

Prototype Mobile