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  • Brand designer.
  • UX/UI designer.


Resetear is present on social media platforms, however it lacks presence on Google despite having an important group of users of its services that have very favorable conversion rate when finding websites that offer therapies and mental health courses on Google, as long as they come into contact with a website that transmits professionalism and trust.


Conversions of contact with the brand through social media is from medium to low, users say that seeing a website of a program that offers therapies and courses of mental health on Google, generates greater trust and helps them decide to get in touch faster.

Research Approach

Resetear, is a project that grew from mouth to mouth marketing, which then sought to have presence on social media and decided to have a website where it was possible for them to explain in a more detailed way how their program works. The website, responds to its second group of audience and which Resetear partners expect to grow increasingly, this audience is made up  of both men and women between the ages of 25-35. Users who go on Google to search and request a mental health service like the one Resetear offers. For this project, surveys and interviews were conducted in order to fully capture users’ needs.

Research Results

Empathy Map

User Persona & Scenario


The design of a website, considering the needs and behavior of users, with data obtained from the survey and interviews, where it was possible to see their desire to be able to navigate through a website of Resetear. At the same time this website will communicate with Resetear’s second biggest audience, which shows a great possibility of conversion when in contact with the brand through a website that transmits professionalism and trust

Customer Journey


User Flow



UI Kit / Look & Feel

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype